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If you are looking for a 4x4 remote control truck, the choice is simple. You can buy a 1/10 4x4 electric monster truck, 1/10 4x4 gas monster truck, or a 1/8 4x4 nitro monster truck.

1/10 4x4 Electric Remote Control Monster Truck

Beginners would do well to start of with an electric powered 4x4 remote control truck. A popular company in this category is Tamiya, a Japanese company recognized world wide for fun and realistic remote control cars and trucks.

Picture of 4x4 remote control truck.
Picture of Tamiya Twin Detonator 4x4 remote control truck. ©Tamiya Corp.

There is also another company called Traxxas, and their popular model, the 1/10 Traxxas E-Maxx. This is a twin motor, twin battery, 1/10 electric 4x4 truck that goes 23 mph out of the box.

1/10 4x4 Gas Monster Truck

Similar to their electric counterparts except that these are powered by more powerful 2-stroke gas engines. This means more speed and longer run times. Simply stop for a short pit stop for fuel and keep on running.

1/10 4x4 gas monster trucks are recommended for those who want more speed than the 4x4 electric trucks. One of the most popular brand and model is the 1/10 Traxxas T-Maxx 2.5. This model goes over 40+ mph out of the box, without any modifications.

1/8 4x4 Nitro Monster Truck

1/8 scale are simply bigger and faster than 1/10 scale nitro monster trucks. These have bigger and more powerful nitro engines. Bigger truck tires and suspension system also makes these trucks more stable over rough terrain. Most have 2-speed transmissions (some even have reverse). And then there are some with awesome 3-speed transmissions.

Popular models are the HPI Nitro Savage 25, Tamiya TNX, and Kyosho Mad Force. The HPI Nitro Savage 25 goes well over 40 mph.

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The Editor

P.S. 4x4 remote control trucks usually have a shaft driven 4 wheel drive design.

P.P.S. There are also regular 1/10 4x4 electric trucks such as the Tamiya Honda CRV, and the Tamiya Ford Ranger stadium truck.

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