Monster GT versus HPI Savage 25 Comparison

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Associated Monster GT vs. HPI Savage 25

Associated Monster GT vs.
HPI Savage 25 

Here is a side by side comparison of two of the most popular rc trucks in the hobby today, the Associated Monster GT vs. the HPI Savage 25. Compare, then you decide.

  Associated Monster GT HPI Savage 25
Scale 1/8 rc monster truck 1/8 rc monster truck
Top speed 32 mph 35 - 40 mph
Engine AE Pro-21 2.1hp Nitro Star 2.5hp@29,000rpm
Muffler tuned pipe dual chamber tuned pipe
Cooling fan fan type flywheel -
Starting mechanism pull start and hex shaft drill start roto start system
Chassis extruded aluminum rigid aluminum twin plates
Transmission 2 speed forward, 2 speed reverse 2 speed forward, higher ratio
Ball bearing full ball bearings full 18 pcs bearing set
Drive 4 wheel drive 4 wheel drive shaft drive
Suspension -
17" wide track
Shock absorbers 8 long coil over oil filled 8 long coil over oil filled
Brakes single disc fiberglass disc brake
Fuel tank 135cc w/ dual pickup 160cc w/ rear fuel pickup
Body Pre-painted truck Pre-painted truck
Width 17.25in / 438.25mm 426.7mm
Length 22.5in / 571.5mm 533.4mm
Weight 12 pounds -
Radio control 3-channel XP3 3-channel narrowband AM
Street price $465 $429

Items in yellow indicate an advantage. It is a tight battle, but the slight edge may go to the HPI Savage 25. However, the Savage rc truck does not have reversing transmission, and if you want a nitro monster truck that has reverse, then the Associated Monster GT is the truck for you.

Both nitro monster trucks are ready to run (RTR) kits. However you still need to buy items such as a glow igniter, fuel, fuel bottle, transmitter batteries (8 AA-size), and receiver batteries (4 AA-size).

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