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The Best Remote Control Truck

For beginners, the best remote control truck would be a 1/10 scale, ready to run, 2 wheel drive electric powered truck. This is the type of remote control truck that is easy to build and maintain, ideal for newcomers to the hobby.

Picture of a remote control truck.
Remote Control Truck

Once you have mastered the speed and capability of a beginner truck, the next level would be to try 1/8 scale electric powered 4x4 monster trucks. There is now a slight increase in technical design, from a 2 wheel drive to a 4 wheel drive transmission.

What next? Electric rc trucks are a lot of fun, but top speeds using a stock motor would be in the 14 - 20 mph range. With modified motors, speeds of 30 mph can be reached.

But if you want to go fast, I mean really fast, then there is no substitute for a gas powered remote control truck. The best would be to start of with rc rtr nitro stadium trucks. These are usually the 1/10 scale, 2 wheel drive nitro trucks with .12 - .15 size gas engines. Speeds can be as mild as 25 mph, or be as fast as 50+ mph!

Remote Control Truck
4x4 Remote Control Truck

Then there are the ultimate models, the gas powered 4x4 remote control monster trucks. These are 1/8 scale gas powered machines with twice the power of 1/10 scale nitro stadium trucks. Four wheel drive and 8 oil filled shock absorbers help control the power.

Have fun!

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